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      Do The Perfect Jeans Exist?

      Do The Perfect Jeans Exist?

      Before I opened my shop 7 years ago, I searched high and low for the perfect pair of jeans. Seriously, I’m one of those people that will read every review and try every product until I find the perfect fit.  My friends like to call me a “product pusher.”  I laughed when they first told me this but honestly, it’s so true and I’m somewhat proud of it, lol.  I’ve tried a ridiculous amount of jeans from the cheapest to the most expensive and the conclusion that I have come to, is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money for quality jeans with a great fit.  When I discovered the denim brand, Articles Of Society, I about died and went to denim heaven. They fit is flawless, and by this, I mean that they have stretch but do not stretch out after wearing them all day and they are are super soft. If you haven’t tried these jeans, then you are missing out!

      Xo, Jamie

      Visit our Facebook group to see Jamie rocking all of our new denim and talking about style and fit.

      PLUS! You can shop all of our new jeans online now! 

      About The AOS Brand

      ”Revolutionary to its kind, Articles of Society has adopted a unique role in the premium denim industry as the first brand to offer consumers superior jeans at an affordable price.  The company launched in 2012 after recognizing this missing element in the denim market and refusing to compromise quality for value.”

      ‘Tis The Sea-Sun Because We’re Never Letting Go Of Summer

      ‘Tis The Sea-Sun Because We’re Never Letting Go Of Summer


      HEY BABES!

           I don’t know about y’all, but here at E+S we are still in summer mode. I mean how can you not be with all these amazing new arrivals we keep getting. And not to mention all these great summer trends that keep rolling in, it’s almost hard to keep up! Don’t get me wrong; I’m just as ready for some big comfy sweaters and boots like some of y’all but you just can’t pass up these AWESOME summer trends. Some of our favorite trends so far have been rompers, tropical prints, straw bags and girl…. bright colors are a MUST!! Although we are loving summer, unfortunately we are nearing the beginning of the end. But trust us, we’ve got you covered on all your last minute vacays! 



           Beach vacays are a must this summer just like rompers! I mean c’mon who doesn’t love a good romper? Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner on the beach or just hanging out by the pool you’re going to wish you had one. Pros: they’re easy to slip on, no matching the top and bottom because you already have a whole outfit, and COMFORT!! Cons: well…. Lets get real, there aren’t any. Another great thing about these pieces is that you can dress them up or dress them down; they’re perfect for any occasion really. Got fancy dinner plans? Grab your favorite pair of wedges and a pull over (if you’re feeling it) to get a little classy. Butttt, if you’re planning a day by the pool or just running around town grab your comfiest sandals and you are set girl!



           This summer is all about BRIGHT, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL colors. The brighter the better girls! Yellows, greens, pinks, & RED! Red is a super bold color that has been making it’s way through the summer trends this year and let me tell you… we are loving it!! It’s so great because once again this is a color you can transition right into fall and even winter if you wanted! So listen y’all, red is here to stay. Not to mention red looks good on everyone. So next time you have the “I don’t have anything to wear” freak out just know that you can never go wrong with a little red.



           If you’re like some of us this summer and you’re too busy to take a lavish beach vacation, don’t worry we’ll bring the tropics to you. I literally cannot stress this enough tropical prints are in and they aren’t going anywhere, so get used to it! Whether it’s tropical flowers, palm trees, or our favorite print this summer pineappplessss!! We just can’t get enough, and trust me once you get a pineapple piece you’ll be hooked too. You can never go wrong sporting tropical prints in the summer.


           I know you’re probably thinking why do I need a straw bag when I have tons of handbags at home, well I’m here to let you know that you just NEED it! These bags are so fun and will match any summer outfit you have planned. They’re super easy to throw in your suitcase and bring with you anywhere. No matter what style you choose you’re going to love it. And don’t worry; you’ll be able to transition this right into fall. So you have your clutches, small shoulder bags, large shoulder bags, and totes.But how do you know which style you need? Well that’s why I’m here, to help you figure that out.


           For the girl who doesn’t carry much and loves accessories we have this pineapple clutch.Like I told y’all before, we love our pineapples. This is perfect for a nice dinner at the beach. The size is just right to hold your phone, keys, lip gloss…. Oh and you can’t forget your man’s card!


           The shoulder bags are good for girls who want to hold just a little bit more. The straps are adjustable and it has a second set of smaller straps. Two sizes and two color c’mon y’all does it get any better than that??


      - xoxo, Cassie








      I Was Supposed To Marry A Backstreet Boy | 90's Inspired Looks That We're Obssessing Over

      I Was Supposed To Marry A Backstreet Boy | 90's Inspired Looks That We're Obssessing Over

      If you're the type of person that can pass on the opportunity to sing ...Baby, One More Time, when it comes on the radio I'm sorry but we can't be friends. No matter what your 90's-music-cup-of-tea is there's no denying the feels one gets from the iconic decade. The fact that 90's music and style continues to ooze into the trends of newer generation is literally the best thing that could possibly happen for the millennials at this point. Not trying to break a millennial heart here or anything but no, your generation did not invent the baggy jean and crop top look that like you might believe! Lol. Don't worry! We still love you! Even if you don't understand our character reference from our favorite 90's sitcoms and I guess I can forgive you passing on the multiple Ace of Base jam sessions I plan on having this summer but only as long as you continue to rock these fabulous 90's inspired looks for years to come! 

      Like, what is this? Is this a romper? or is it overalls? Are overalls just 90's denim rompers?! Regardless, it's fabulous! This palm print romper-all (You see what I did there!?) is fabulous! Fun prints take overalls to the next level of adorbs! This little number is perfect for vacay this summer! Pair it with one of our amazing summer totes and any of the new Gorjana jewelry and your ready to roll. Follow the links to shop these trendy vibes!

      The body suit is a reoccurring piece that we see reappear frequently throughout the decades! Personally, it's one of my favorites! Sure, it can seem a little intimidating while your basically stepping into an adult uni-tard but through it one with some high-wasted shorts and you'll impress even yourself! This v-cut body suit sold out super fast! But don't worry there's more on the way! Follow the link to be notified when we restock! 

      So let's skirt back to the high-wasted shorts for a sec! I've said this time and time again, TRY THEM ON! They are a life changing wardrobe piece that will fix even the peskiest outfit problems! Side note! Doesn't ES girl Cassie look like should could be the modern day Sandy from the movie Grease?! Yeah. Yeah. I know that that's not from the 90's but that's besides the point! Our gorgeous girl has styled this high-wasted denim cutoffs with a waffle knit cutoff tank that is seriously one of the most versatile pieces you can own right now. Follow the link to shop this look! Did I mention that tank comes in grey as well!? 

      I can't even lie! I love a sophisticated gunge look! I mean, is there even such a thing? IDK, but if there's not there is now. We've talked about the importance of a good bra in depth before but let's take a moment to truly appreciate this black lace bralette! There's nothing better than feeling sexy in the heat of the summer but if it's possible to keep it classy and still be comfortable?! Sign me up, sister! Follow the link to gram 'em while we've got 'em! Leave a comment below and let us know if you'd like to see more colors in this awesome accessory piece! or just leave a comment to show ya girls at ES some love! We love hearing from our customers! Happy Monday Shopaholics! 

      Who Wears Short Shorts? | ES Style

      Who Wears Short Shorts?  |  ES Style

       It's summer in southeast Texas, Shopaholics!

      I know it's true because I drove home yesterday evening with my AC on full blast and still had sweat on my upper lip after the 20 minute car ride. These are the days our cute little ES models dread. As much as we L-O-V-E summer fashion, standing outside in a pool of your own sweat while someone takes pictures of you is not the poolside summer we had imagined! That's why we threw a mini fiesta when back to back boxes of the cutest summer shorts started rolling in! Growing up on the west coast, I lived in distressed denim and leather flip flops year round. I kept a sweater in my car at all times because a breezy day meant chilly nights. Now, I keep a cooler with ice and water bottles in my trunk because I fear dehydration on the daily! Lol. Jk. However, I'd be lying if I said I'm not considering tossing an extra bra in my backseat right now. Ew. Gross. I know but this heat is killer, you guys! And my point is, a good pair of shorts is a game changer out here!

      We've got you covered this summer! In addition to this adorable bell sleeve ZSUPPLY blouse, our ZSUPPLY tanks have been restocked and our shorts inventory is absurd. (absurdly amazing) What ever you're style is, you'll find it here at Ella + Scott. Grab this top before it's all gone by following the link! On a side note! Don't you just love little miss sassy Cassie with her high pony?! She's so precious, it's annoying. (rolls eyes)

      The micro ribbed high neck tank is the newest addition to our racer back collection from ZSUPPLY. If you've shopped with us before, you know that our traditional stock consists of the racer back pocket tee tank. This is a fun twist a classic favorite from the brand. Typically, I see customers size down in this brand because of the looser fit but I recommend staying true to size with this specific tank if you're ordering online and unsure about sizing! Shop the look >>>> here! <<<<

       These chambray shorts are selling like hot cakes! We've named this style "Evie" and the shorts come in three different colors. This chambray blue has definitely been a best seller this week but if you missed out on your size, check out the olive or charcoal color! You won't be disappointed! They're super light weight and they are SO easy to style. On the web, we've featured these shorts styled down for casual summer look! If you head over to our Instagram (shopellascott), you can see how we've dressed them up for an awesome day-date look or even a brunchin-babe fit for the weekend! Check out the shorts HERE! && See this item dressed up HERE!

      I'm a sucker for a bright pair of high-wasted shorts that are tailored as well as these are! We've got four different colors of this tied-up kind of style and every single pair is UBER flattering. Versatility is the theme of my wardrobe this summer and this is my go-to look for the majority of my summer outings! Shop the look HERE

      I hope your coffee is as strong as mine this morning and you all have a stylish weekend ahead of you! We're open from 10-4 Saturday! Come get your fashion fix if you haven't already stopped by this week! We'd love to style you!



      If you hadn't already done so, text SHOPELLASCOTT to 31996 to sign up for our text alerts and save on your next visit!

      Don't forget to sign up for next months style box! Click the link! You won't want to miss this!


      Treat Yo Self! | Food, Facials & Fashion! ES Style

      Treat Yo Self! | Food, Facials & Fashion! ES Style

      Hi there, Shopaholics!

      By a show of hands how many of you are still recovering from that three day weekend? *raises hand* Same, ladies... Same. Besides the sunburn and lingering hangover, I hope you all had a fabulous time. I especially hope you were rocking some new arrivals throughout your festivities this weekend! If you were, share the love and tag us in your photos on Instagram and facebook! 

      There's nothing like a good three-day weekend, filled with a little over indulgence, way too many hotdogs and not enough sunscreen but let me tell you...This morning I knew I'd over done it when I jumped in the shower while browsing through Instagram. That's right, you guys! Walked straight into the shower holding my cell phone. Someone stop me, puh-lease! I'm not too ashamed though, because my phone is A-O-Kay and I know you completely understand my struggle. No judgement here, right?! 

      I know you wish this weekend could last forever but nonetheless Tuesday is here and it's time to put our life back together! There's nothing worse than trading in your favorite summer flip-flops for those basic Monday-Friday work flats. If you're like us, the countdown to fourth of July started yesterday. Can't wait that long to catch some R&R??? No worries, friend! We've teamed up with some of our favorite local gal-pals to devise the ultimate "Treat Yo Self" to-do list to hold you over until then! Whether you're looking for the ultimate life-pause or just a little pick-me-up, we've got you covered!

      There's three things a true ES girl can never say no to. Besides caffeine, we live for food, fashion, and a great facial to get our minds right! Local babes Lauren Bebeau and Brandell Wappler schooled us in all things food and face! So now, we're sharing the knowledge! 


      "Being located along the Gulf Coast and adjacent to Louisiana, 
      we are blessed to have some of the best cuisine in the Lone Star State. Most of us have come to acquire the taste of spicy zest at a very young age. Crawfish boils and backyard barbecues bring a whole new meaning those living in Southeast Texas." -Lauren Bebeau 

      Let me start by saying that Lauren Bebeau is foodie goddess! Some of you may recognize the Insta name she uses (Instagram: @setxfoodies) to photo-blog her way through all of the best eats that SETX has to offer. (South East Texas for all you non-locals!) Everything from her food photo's to her restaurant reviews leave my mouth watering. Don't get me wrong, I definitely know how to treat myself when it comes to dinner time but Lauren has been in the food industry for well over a decade. So I handed this one off to her this week. Her current obsession? Chaba Thai. (Located on Phelan in Beaumont) Rest assured, shopaholics! I rallied the ES girl gang and we headed to Chaba to make sure these recommendations checked out! And did they ever?!

      Before we over indulge, you have to know that this is seriously the cutest restaurant ever. Quant, dimly lit and a happy hour that kills. (Half off bottles of wine on Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm-7pm) What more could a girl ask for? The staff was incredibly friendly and the service was fabulous. IDK how I've never been here before but I'm definitely in love. After ordering a drink, I skimmed the menu to locate Lauren's suggestions. I decided to put my complete trust in her and ordered EVERYTHING she suggested with out truly reading the descriptions of each item. Here's what showed up when the waiter brought us our food. Prepare yourself...

      From left to right: Nom Tok (Beef Salad), Pad Kee Mao (Noodles), Crispy Duck (With Chili Sauce)

      If you're thinking, "Wow, Brittani! That's enough food to feed a small army!" You're absolutely right. It totally was! Thanking my lucky stars the girls came with me, we dove in and life hasn't been the same since. Hands down, the crispy duck was the group favorite. So if you're already planning this weeks girls night make sure you give it a try! But wait, there's more! 

      Leave room for desert, lovers! Give the mango sticky rice a try! (Kaitlin's fave) Or do like me, and try the chia tea for a sweet and refreshing treat! Lauren totally knows what she was talking about! If you're looking for recommendations on how and where to dine inn southeast Texas, she's your girl! 

      For an extra sweet treat, check out these goat cheese cheese cake balls from the Greenlight Kitchen in Beaumont Texas! (Also a Lauren Bebaeu recommendation!) If I didn't have to share with the rest of the girls, I might have taken out the whole tray solo!


      Babe, your skin is as good as gold! Do yourself a favor and take care of it! We asked one of our favorite ladies at the Beautique Med Spa in Nederland Texas, what the 3 most important steps in skin care are and this is what Brandell Wappler had to say!


      2. Sunscreen


      3. SUNSCREEN

      Fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots are among the top complaints from her customers when it comes to their skin. Which is why using sunscreen religiously is Brandell's top recommendation. Her SPF product of choice? Prime and Defend physical sunscreen from Societe Clinical. This SPF 30 isn't just for blocking out those harsh rays from day to day, you can also use it as a primer! The Beautique carries this miracle cream for purchase in case you were already googling "Societe Clinical" like me! But that's not all, go see Brandell and tell her the babes at Ella + Scott sent you! She'll hook you up with half off your Prime & Defend purchase!

      In addition to adding this amazing sunscreen into your daily skincare regimen, owner Jamie Scott and manager Kaitlin Diaz swear by the benefits of receiving a hydrafacial from the Beautique Med Spa. For all things facial, Brandell is your go-to girl! Besides the fact that it's totally relaxing to close your eyes and get horizontal for thirty minutes at a time, your face will thank you.

      "Only Hydrafacial MD uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow." -Beautique Med Spa

      Here's how it works! 

      1) Cleanse and Peel

      2) Extract + Hydrate 

      3) Fuse + Protect 

      Sounds intense but there's zero recovery time following this procedure! I promise you'll love it and besides, I'm yet to steer you in the wrong direction! 


      The moment you've all been waiting for! If you've specifically tuned in to this blog post for an exclusive on the launch of our new style box, you're in the right place! But first, let's hash out the deets. The ES Style Box has been in the making for quite sometime now. Jamie has really outdone herself on this one, ya'll!

      Your subscription ($75/month) will feature a different look from month to month and you can expect to see the freshest selections that fashion has to offer! (accessories, tops, shopaholic swag, and so much more) Jamie has hand picked the items in these boxes so you can rest assured that the sizing is on point! If you're already in the process of signing up, place your order TTS. ;)

      Before I forget to mention, Style Box members will receive first dibs on these exclusive items! I'm talking "never seen the light of day" kind of exclusive. Not even little ole ES girls like me are getting their hands on these babies until you've gotten them first! So rude. (If you ask me!) Billing takes place on the 15th each month and you can expect to see that perfectly pink ES Style Box at your doorstep shortly after! The link is already available online to sign up and we'll also be accepting your subscription in store until the 10th of June! Any orders placed after the 10th of June will roll over into the July shipment of Style Boxes. Which will be bangin (no doubt) but seriously, don't miss June! Enjoy your sneak peak, Shopaholics!

      This palm print kimono needs no introduction but it's getting one anyways! 

      This adorable kimono can be worn in so many ways this season! Since this is only one of several items in the June Style Box, you can be sure you'll find more  ES goodies to compliment this sensational summer piece! Personally, I see myself covering up with this pool side, sipping margs with my favorite ES girls! These kimono boxes will not last long! Follow the link to get your subscription on before they're all gone! 

      Don't forget to check out the latest arrivals we've launched this week! You're ES girls have been busy ladies, and we can wait for you to see what's new! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! We'd love to answer any questions you guys might have about the featured topics in this weeks blog! Follow our Instagram to stay updated!