‘Tis The Sea-Sun Because We’re Never Letting Go Of Summer



     I don’t know about y’all, but here at E+S we are still in summer mode. I mean how can you not be with all these amazing new arrivals we keep getting. And not to mention all these great summer trends that keep rolling in, it’s almost hard to keep up! Don’t get me wrong; I’m just as ready for some big comfy sweaters and boots like some of y’all but you just can’t pass up these AWESOME summer trends. Some of our favorite trends so far have been rompers, tropical prints, straw bags and girl…. bright colors are a MUST!! Although we are loving summer, unfortunately we are nearing the beginning of the end. But trust us, we’ve got you covered on all your last minute vacays! 



     Beach vacays are a must this summer just like rompers! I mean c’mon who doesn’t love a good romper? Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner on the beach or just hanging out by the pool you’re going to wish you had one. Pros: they’re easy to slip on, no matching the top and bottom because you already have a whole outfit, and COMFORT!! Cons: well…. Lets get real, there aren’t any. Another great thing about these pieces is that you can dress them up or dress them down; they’re perfect for any occasion really. Got fancy dinner plans? Grab your favorite pair of wedges and a pull over (if you’re feeling it) to get a little classy. Butttt, if you’re planning a day by the pool or just running around town grab your comfiest sandals and you are set girl!



     This summer is all about BRIGHT, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL colors. The brighter the better girls! Yellows, greens, pinks, & RED! Red is a super bold color that has been making it’s way through the summer trends this year and let me tell you… we are loving it!! It’s so great because once again this is a color you can transition right into fall and even winter if you wanted! So listen y’all, red is here to stay. Not to mention red looks good on everyone. So next time you have the “I don’t have anything to wear” freak out just know that you can never go wrong with a little red.



     If you’re like some of us this summer and you’re too busy to take a lavish beach vacation, don’t worry we’ll bring the tropics to you. I literally cannot stress this enough tropical prints are in and they aren’t going anywhere, so get used to it! Whether it’s tropical flowers, palm trees, or our favorite print this summer pineappplessss!! We just can’t get enough, and trust me once you get a pineapple piece you’ll be hooked too. You can never go wrong sporting tropical prints in the summer.


     I know you’re probably thinking why do I need a straw bag when I have tons of handbags at home, well I’m here to let you know that you just NEED it! These bags are so fun and will match any summer outfit you have planned. They’re super easy to throw in your suitcase and bring with you anywhere. No matter what style you choose you’re going to love it. And don’t worry; you’ll be able to transition this right into fall. So you have your clutches, small shoulder bags, large shoulder bags, and totes.But how do you know which style you need? Well that’s why I’m here, to help you figure that out.


     For the girl who doesn’t carry much and loves accessories we have this pineapple clutch.Like I told y’all before, we love our pineapples. This is perfect for a nice dinner at the beach. The size is just right to hold your phone, keys, lip gloss…. Oh and you can’t forget your man’s card!


     The shoulder bags are good for girls who want to hold just a little bit more. The straps are adjustable and it has a second set of smaller straps. Two sizes and two color c’mon y’all does it get any better than that??


- xoxo, Cassie








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