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I Was Supposed To Marry A Backstreet Boy | 90's Inspired Looks That We're Obssessing Over

If you're the type of person that can pass on the opportunity to sing ...Baby, One More Time, when it comes on the radio I'm sorry but we can't be friends. No matter what your 90's-music-cup-of-tea is there's no denying the feels one gets from the iconic decade. The fact that 90's music and style continues to ooze into the trends of newer generation is literally the best thing that could possibly happen for the millennials at this point. Not trying to break a millennial heart here or anything but no, your generation did not invent the baggy jean and crop top look that like you might believe! Lol. Don't worry! We still love you! Even if you don't understand our character reference from our favorite 90's sitcoms and I guess I can forgive you passing on the multiple Ace of Base jam sessions I plan on having this summer but only as long as you continue to rock these fabulous 90's inspired looks for years to come! 

Like, what is this? Is this a romper? or is it overalls? Are overalls just 90's denim rompers?! Regardless, it's fabulous! This palm print romper-all (You see what I did there!?) is fabulous! Fun prints take overalls to the next level of adorbs! This little number is perfect for vacay this summer! Pair it with one of our amazing summer totes and any of the new Gorjana jewelry and your ready to roll. Follow the links to shop these trendy vibes!

The body suit is a reoccurring piece that we see reappear frequently throughout the decades! Personally, it's one of my favorites! Sure, it can seem a little intimidating while your basically stepping into an adult uni-tard but through it one with some high-wasted shorts and you'll impress even yourself! This v-cut body suit sold out super fast! But don't worry there's more on the way! Follow the link to be notified when we restock! 

So let's skirt back to the high-wasted shorts for a sec! I've said this time and time again, TRY THEM ON! They are a life changing wardrobe piece that will fix even the peskiest outfit problems! Side note! Doesn't ES girl Cassie look like should could be the modern day Sandy from the movie Grease?! Yeah. Yeah. I know that that's not from the 90's but that's besides the point! Our gorgeous girl has styled this high-wasted denim cutoffs with a waffle knit cutoff tank that is seriously one of the most versatile pieces you can own right now. Follow the link to shop this look! Did I mention that tank comes in grey as well!? 

I can't even lie! I love a sophisticated gunge look! I mean, is there even such a thing? IDK, but if there's not there is now. We've talked about the importance of a good bra in depth before but let's take a moment to truly appreciate this black lace bralette! There's nothing better than feeling sexy in the heat of the summer but if it's possible to keep it classy and still be comfortable?! Sign me up, sister! Follow the link to gram 'em while we've got 'em! Leave a comment below and let us know if you'd like to see more colors in this awesome accessory piece! or just leave a comment to show ya girls at ES some love! We love hearing from our customers! Happy Monday Shopaholics! 

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