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      BLOG — texas strong

      Texas Strong

      Texas Strong

      There is nothing that makes a small business more successful than it’s own community. Community is the very foundation for actually getting started. Its where you plant your roots and the reason you have courage to nurture your business and watch it grow. One thing we know for sure is that growth comes from the people; the customers who embrace us and support us over the years. Our friends and neighbors grow to love and trust our businesses so when something impacts our community like hurricane Harvey impacted us, it absolutely affects business, but more importantly it impacts the people who have given our businesses life. We are here to help our community even after the storm has passed. The struggles are not over. Our neighbors are still displaced and will be for months to come but no matter what, we are TEXAS STRONG. That’s why we’ve created (super soft and comfy) tees, to not only give our neighbors an extra shirt on their backs, but to also give them a constant reminder to stay strong as we continue to help. 100% of the proceeds will be given to local relief efforts. Directly to our friends and neighbors who still need our help. Please know that as the relief efforts fade, your community never will. We will do whatever we can to help you rebuild your life and get you back on your feet. On behalf of Ella+Scott and K. Guy Designs, We can’t thank our customers and community enough for your support. Please join us in continuing to support and give back to our wonderful community as the recovery continues.

      We love you all.