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From Real Estate to Retail | Cheers To 7 Years, Shopaholics!

It's a beautiful day, Shopaholics!
Some of you gorgeous ladies may have noticed that May 15 marked the anniversary of 7 fabulous years of fashion here at Ella + Scott! For those of you that didn't, no worries! We've got the ES BDAY BABE BASH planned for next Thursday, May 24 from 5pm-7pm! So mark your calendars, shopaholics!  Nobody throws a party like us and you won't want to miss this! 
In honor of our 7 year celebration, it's only proper we take a moment to shine some light on our beautiful boss-babe! We wouldn't be here withoutcha, Jamie! Thank you for chasing your dreams (in adorable heels, no doubt!) of opening a business and giving us fashionistas a place like Ella + Scott! 
When you’ve got something to prove and nothing to lose, epic things are bound to happen. At least that’s what owner Jamie Scott told us when we sat down to talk about the past, present and future of Ella + Scott. 
After graduating from Lamer University with a degree in business, Jamie entered the real estate world only to realize her heart would always belong to fashion first and her husband (James) second. (Lol. JK.) But seriously... With the love and support from her husband, family and friends, Jamie decided that it was time to chase her dreams. The switch from real estate to retail was no easy task. Jamie spent the first few months of her new journey working 12 hour days, buried in research and educating herself on the ins and outs of owning a boutique. Her devotion to Ella + Scott only grew despite the countless nights spent praying for a sign that chasing this dream was the right decision. Like most signs we relentlessly pray for, Jamie's came when she least expected. On an ordinary drive home after a spray tan one evening, Jamie spotted a "FOR LEASE" sign through the window of the Mildred Building. Unable to resist (per usual), she dialed the number listed and before she knew it she was waiting to meet with the agent showing the space. Moments later, she found herself standing in the doorway of a dream that was about to become a reality...
Being a business owner in her mid-twenties meant stepping out of her comfort zone on a daily basis. Between speaking with brand reps and (reluctantly) giving speeches at mix-and-mingles, Jamie was put on the spot regularly. Confidence is key and it always has been for Jamie. You wouldn't think she was ever as shy as she tells you she was. Her natural ability to speak with customers and give them exactly what their looking for is astonishing. We learn something new about customer service and courtesy every time we work along side her. Bringing that confidence to Ella + Scott customers is motive behind every styled look we create for someone at the store. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, we feel good! 
If you ask Jamie what she's most proud of at this point in her career, she'll tell you her girls (That's us! =D). She's most proud of her ES team and the customer service they provide no matter where they find themselves. You can expect to be treated with kindness and compassion no matter when you run into an ES girl. Being an ES girl myself, I can honestly say our customer's are EVERYTHING. We love yall! When you walk through the door, we hope you feel like you've arrived at your BFF's house for your weekly wine night! (Hence, margs and wine on the reg at ES!) Between messaging customers after hours about that hot new arrival or going the extra mile to find our ladies the perfect fit in denim, we're always here for you girl! As long as we can continue to give you your fashion fix (and that glass of wine) we can keep this party rolling! 
As thankful as Jamie is for our time we are equally grateful for her! Being an ES girls is about so much more than dressing cute and being able to stand in 4 inch heels all day long! Here at Ella + Scott, we're family! We're a family of fashionista ladies that love bringing bucket loads of style to our amazing customers! The one thing we all have in common besides clothes, shoes, bags and life??? We're all a bunch of dreamers... Our love for fashion brought us together but our boss, Jamie, is definitely the sparkly Elmer's glue that keeps us united. Saying we're blessed to have her for a boss is an understatement. She is a role model to all of us. Through all of our accomplishments as a team and as individuals, Jamie has been our biggest cheerleader. She brings balance to our crazy worlds through fashion and friendship! She has taught us the meaning (and importance) of hard work and dedication.
She's a constant reminder that if you're true to yourself, stay in your lane and you bust your a** every day, you're biggest dreams will all come true. 
The Future
Expansion is always on the brain for Jamie. Whether it's growing the website or opening a second location, the wheels are continuously turning. You can expect to see some super exciting new additions to your Ella + Scott shopping experience these days! Including things like, the ES Style Box and the Chat With Us feature on the website. Be on the look out for the release of our new online loyalty program!
Don't forget we love to hear from you, toots! Drop a comment or send us your feedback in a dm, via Instagram-Facebook-Email.  
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  • So proud of my niece and God daughter ! She has amazed me her whole life ! She loves my children and when they where little she would entertain them ! Putting on their clothes , which she was alayd Tina but she was probably 12 and they were 5 and 3 lol ! She is beautiful inside and outside ! Married the most wonderful man , who loved her since she was very young ! Loves her family and Frye bds and now how this precious, beautiful child . God Bless You Jamie ! Start a store up here !!!
    Love you

    Keitha Allen

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