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Living My Best Dressed Life| An ES Insider Look at the New ZEST for LIFE Collection

Last summer, owner Jamie introduced Ella & Scott shoppers to the THML clothing brand and we haven’t been the same since!

Some of you might even remember the first THML collection we launched last June. I mean, how could you forget? Fresh bold patterns and bright colors? All laid across the most amazing assortment of fabrics? See, I knew you remembered! The Coastal Collection was EVERY-THING, and a personal favorite of mine! It was a total reflection of all things summer. In honor of July 4th, the All-American Collection launched shortly after and there wasn’t a shopaholic out there that wasn’t wearing the red, whites, and blues of our new favorite brand!

Last summer THML totally killed it!

So, our expectations are just as high as yours but believe me when I say this, the new ZEST for LIFE Collection will-not-disappoint. The pieces have only gotten better and brighter over the past year and the obsession is STILL unreal! If the quality and originality of each piece isn’t enough, Jamie Scott goes the extra mile with each THML shipment to build a collection of items that fit your life at this very moment. Once the pieces are collected it’s time for us ES girls to get to work! Between steaming, tagging, naming, describing, wearing, photographing, and promoting each item, we get pretty attached to these clothes. (Which is probably why they all end up in my closet…. Hmm.)

The next best thing to bringing home a new arrival at the end of a long work day is the excitement we get from being able to share these pieces with our customers when they walk through the door. We hope this collection inspires you to dress like every day is a special occasion!


The Tops

There are seven amazing tops in this collection which means if you buy them all then a whole weeks’ worth of outfits is already planned! Score!

No need to thank me!

If the “Drippin In Finesse” top hasn’t already made its way into your cart, I would suggest you break away from your reading and go take care of that.

I absolutely love a good gingham print and the added tassels around the neckline of this top really makes it stand apart from the others. It’s always nice to have several statement pieces like this top hanging in the closet. They make getting ready a breeze when I’m in a rush to get out of the house. Throw on some white skinnies and a nude heel and you’ve got a bold look that people will think you spent hours putting together. Pair it with white denim shorts and a cognac sandal if you’re after a casual daytime look!

Check the tops! >>>>(Detour)

Please tell me you know what color chartreuse is?

Along with mustard and marigold, this particular shade of yellow is the “it” color this season. My closet is literally bursting with sunshine because of my newly found love for this color. I honestly feel like it’s probably impossible to be sad if you’re wearing any form of yellow. “You Glow Girl” is definitely a staff favorite from the ZEST for Life collection. I can already tell you this new arrival is going to fly out of the store once ES shopaholics catch wind of it!  Go ahead and take another intermission.

You can only click that “add-to-cart” button for so long!

I’ll still be here when you’re done!

The “Seas the Day” tank is another hot item you won’t want to miss!

At this point, you’ve probably noticed two things. We L-O-V-E love tassels! And we’re obsessed with navy details! I mean, have you ever met a person that doesn’t look good in the color navy blue? Me either.  The “Seas the Day” top has all the types of YES that a summer outfit needs. Can I wear it with dark denim? Yes. Can I wear it with light denim? Yes. Can I wear it with white skinnies? Yes. Will it hide my food baby when I wear it on date-night?

Yes, to all!

The Dress

The “Livin My Best Life” dress is a perfect representation of this entire collection. The subtle pops of neon embroidery on this super soft canvas fabric makes me giddy! (Like a 4-year-old-playing-with-glitter-for-the-first-time kind of giddy.) Hot new arrivals tend to have that effect on an ES girl. The flirty neckline was the first thing to catch my attention after seeing the awesome use of neon pink on this dress. Off the shoulder dresses are a summer favorite around the store but we can’t resist a good scoop neck when we see one! And did I mention that the inside of this dress is lined with the creamiest of silk fabrics? It will blow your mind with how comfortable it is!

Details, people. It’s all about the Details.

Check back next week for another dose of new arrivals! Can you handle more? We sure hope so! 

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